London Heathrow Transfer

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How To Travel From City To London Heathrow Airport?

How to get from Heathrow to London We show you the fastest and cheapest London Heathrow transfer.

London Heathrow Airport is the largest airport of the six international airports of London. It is the world’s airport with the most international passengers. Every day around 190,000 passengers are handled here. With this map of all terminals at the airport, you’ll find your way around Heathrow Airport.

London Heathrow Airport has excellent public transport links, although it is 32 miles from central London. Below, we’ve put together the best London Heathrow transfer options to get you from Heathrow to London.

Heathrow Bus Transfer With The National Express

The National Express bus service runs regularly between Victoria Coach Station and the central bus station at Heathrow Airport. It is held at all airport terminals (terminals 1-5). The bus service at the airport starts at around 4:00 am and ends at around 10:00 pm. The buses run every hour during quiet times and every 15 minutes during the day. The driving time to the city center is between 40 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the route and the traffic. A single ticket costs from £ 6.

CHECK AVAILABILITY from Heathrow To Gatwick– national express

There are several train connections at the airport that will take you to central London and vice versa. We have listed the different ways you can get from Heathrow to London by train here:

With the Heathrow Express

The Heathrow Express high-speed train is the fastest way to get from Heathrow to London. The Heathrow Express leaves every 15 minutes, between 5:00 and 24:00. It takes about 15 minutes to get to London Paddington Station. The train departs at Heathrow Central Station (Terminals 1, 2 and 3) and Terminal 5. Should you arrive in Terminal 4, you can take the free shuttle train between the terminals. Heathrow Express tickets cost £ 22 for a one-way adult ride. However, if you buy the ticket on the train, it costs around £ 27. We therefore recommend you to buy the tickets online here.

Black Siamese Cat

black siamese cat

Siamese Cat Origin And History

The Siamese cat is one of the most well-known cat breeds, mainly because of the interesting coat color and the blue eyes. It is believed that Siamese have a bad character, which is why many people are reserved against this breed of cat opposite.

In ancient times, the modern state of Thailand was known as Siam. More than half a millennium ago, cats in Siam were very similar to modern Siamese cats.

According to a version about the origin of the Siamese cats, this breed has come to the different Asian countries via the well-known Silk Road. Siamese cats were worshiped by the inhabitants of Siamese.

Cats of this breed have fulfilled their duty together with monks in the temples. It has been believed that Siamese cats took the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

Siamese Cat Breed Standard

In the second half of the 19th century, the ruler of Siam sent a dozen Siamese cats to Europe as a gift to the royal families in Europe.

The nobles fell in love with the beautiful animals and Queen Victoria became one of the first people in her country to breed. In 1872, Siamese were presented at an exhibition in London, and in 1902 the official breed standard was approved. After the Second World War, the standard was revised because too many variations were allowed.

The Siamese cat is between 23 and 25 cm tall and weighs between 3 and 5 kg. The head of the Siamese cat is long and wedge-shaped. The ears continue the head line so that the tip of the nose and the tips of the ears form the vertices of an equilateral triangle.

The eyes are almond-shaped and oblique and are either dark blue or light blue. The ears are relatively large with a broad base. The skeletal system of the body is massive and the muscles are well developed. The legs are long, the paws are small and fine.

The tail is long and thin. The coat is short and shiny. Siamese have a golden coat but there are also gray Siamese cats. The mouth is dark and there are dark spots on the ears, legs, paws and tail. There are no white spots on the coat allowed.

Siamese Cat Attitude And Care

Siamese Cat Stance, the Siamese cat needs a sheltered place to retire. It is best if the house of your Siamese cat is higher so that your darling can see more.

Siamese cats are prone to dental problems, so their teeth should be cleaned every day with a special toothpaste. Siamese have a short coat that does not require much care.

Suffice it to go over your coat once or twice a week with a damp cloth to remove the excess dead hair. A gentle massage with wet hands does the coat of the Siamese cat very well. The massage should be done from the head towards the tail.

Siamese cats should not be bathed more than twice a year. The eyes of Siamese tears, so they should often be cleaned with a damp swab. The ears of the Siamese cats should be cleaned with a cotton swab and special drops should be given to prevent ear infections.

If a Siamese cat does not play with her owner and has no opportunity for games and exercise, her life will be much shorter and she will become more susceptible to many illnesses. It is recommended to play with a Siamese cat for at least half an hour a day to feel good.

So that the Siamese cat does not get bored, you can leave her a tennis ball or a ball of yarn with which she can play. For Siamese cats, it is important to develop their hunting instincts, which can be done with remote-controlled cars or with toys attached to strings so that the cat can reach it after a jump.

Siamese cats love to play with children and always like to get involved in their games. However, Siamese cats are not ideal for families with very young children, as children can sometimes get rough while playing and the Siamese cat could scratch them.

Siamese like to put on a ribcage and can run like a dog. It is enough if you once or twice a month with the Siamese cat from d but you should not run them in a park that is full of dogs. A picnic in nature is the best solution.

Siamese Cat Food And Feed

Black Siamese Cat Food and Feed the perfect cat food for the Siamese cat is non-greasy meat or finely chopped raw meat that has been infused with boiling water and left for 10 minutes. The meat is given to the cat cooled. It is recommended to give her veal, beef and rabbit but you can also give her chicken and turkey meat.

Pork is not recommended for Siamese cats. Cooked products, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, low-fat sour cream and cottage cheese can complement the menu of the Siamese cat. Cats of this breed have a problem with the use of grains and vegetables, so they should not feed on them. For Siamese cats it is very harmful to eat too much fish.

Siamese cats should not eat fish more than twice a week when cooked and free of bone. Otherwise, you may be allergic, resulting in the formation of small wounds and swelling of the lower jaw. This may cause a sudden apnea.

Cat it Design Senses, Feed Labyrinth The smart way to feed the cat Specs the tastes, tastes and mental and physical activity of the cat the cat moves the food along with it through the labyrinth, paws through the maze until it falls through the side opening. For larger challenges, opening the wheel in the labyrinth can change the opening sizes.

Siamese Interesting Facts Even if they look arrogant, Siamese cats are gentle and the owner and his family very devoted. Siamese cats are ready to defend their owner with their lives. Siamese cats do not like a lot of noise or bustle and they like it when it’s messed up because they love order and harmony.

This helps many people in depression because the Siamese cat does not allow them to neglect the hygiene in their home. When she makes sounds that she tries to make contact with her owner, the Siamese cat looks her owner in the eye all the time.

One interesting fact is that the color of the dark spots on the fur of Siamese cats depends on the temperature of the Environment in which they were born. The colder the area, the darker the spots on your coat.

Most Siamese are born completely white, but with age, their fur is covered with stains. Siamese cats have a complicated character. They try to show their independence on a regular basis. As a whole, Siamese cats are very fond of humans and only hostile to humans if they have fallen victim to violence by a human being.

Siamese Cat Interesting Facts

If there are other pets in the house, the Siamese cat becomes jealous because it feels like a competitor to their owner’s love. The voice of a Siamese is a manipulation tool for its owner. The Siamese cat makes a lot of different sounds to show that she needs something. Siamese Cat Siamese are one of the smartest species in the cat family.

Siamese Cat Training

They are intelligent, understand and learn quickly and can learn to execute commands. Lovers of the breed compare it to small dogs because of their intelligence and their desire to execute orders. It is not advisable to use physical force when training a Siamese cat, as she is unforgiving and will find a way to avenge herself after some time.

How To Make Beautiful Hair With The Help Of Hair Iron?

flat iron

Beautiful Hair, What You Can Do For The Beauty Of Your Hair

The beauty of the later Empress Elisabeth was considered legendary, and a special feature was always her knee-length flowing mane.

The silky splendor was woven in hours of work to impressive hairstyles and washed only every three weeks; including care packs and drying took this procedure a full day with the help of best flat iron for natural hair. That may seem extreme. The feminine passion for hair care, however, seems to be universal, and it runs through the cultural history of humanity.

From ancient Chinese figures of elaborate hairstyles are handed down. And when the first European explorers toured the African continent, they marveled at the variety of intricate wicker arrangements among the inhabitants.

Worn open, hair has always been considered a sign of youth and erotic signal. Evolutionary biologists suggest that beautiful hair has always been a selection criterion in mate choice: this could explain why human hair reaches lengths that do not serve another practical purpose.

Even if modernity has given women liberties such as short haircuts – the fuss for the head continues unabated. Every year, Germans spend about three billion euros on relevant care products, more than any other kind of cosmetics.

In order not to lose track of the mass of products and promises, two facts are useful to know: good maintenance and care can protect against damage, but does not repair ruined hair. And care products have no influence on the growth of the mane, as other remedies have to work.

Although the manufacturers like to suggest that one can “heal” his hair with cures, but dull, brittle hair is rarely a sign of illness in the affluent society. The single hair consists of millions of filamentous, twisted protein threads.

These keratin fibers are extremely elastic and tear-resistant and are enveloped by a layer of roof-like horn scales. Frequent washing and styling, straightening, bleaching or dyeing attacks these delicate scales and over time also the underlying fibers.

Color pigments can only adhere if the close-fitting horny layer is opened by alkaline solutions such as ammonia. To limit the damage, the cosmetics industry offers a huge arsenal of substances that should smooth the hair again.

In fact, fragments of proteins can penetrate into the fibers and make the hair temporarily more tear-resistant. Many modern substances, such as silicone oils or tailored long-chain molecules, smooth the surface and prevent further damage due to the reduced friction. The oldest hair care products of mankind include vegetable oils – they have always been the same.

A Short Note About The Functionality Of Sewing Machine

sewing machine reviews

How does a sewing machine work?

Most people here in Germany always wear some kind of clothing except showering, and spend a total of 76.25 billion euros on shoes and clothes every year.

The women’s clothing is with just over 30 billion euros sales clearly ahead of men’s clothing with just 15.8 billion. But no matter what kind of clothing you talk to, it always has to be sewn. Either industrial or – increasingly popular – at home. The sewing principle is always the same.

Today’s interviewee Klaus, who works in customer service for sewing machines, informs us today about these and other questions.

How Does A Sewing Machine Work From The Basic Principle?

The basic principle is actually relatively simple, only the implementation is a bit complicated. With the sewing machine you have to know that there are two threads, an upper thread and a lower thread.

The upper thread is the one that passes through the needle, the lower thread practically comes out of the bottom of the sewing machine.

If the needle now pierces the fabric, then it creates a small hole at this point, which is important for later. The upper thread is then below the fabrics and is wrapped by a gripping arm around the lower thread so that the two form a loop.

The needle then moves back together with the upper thread. But since he forms a loop with the bobbin thread, he takes the bobbin thread with him.

The loop, i.e. the point at which the two threads are “connected” together, is then in the hole, while at the top just has the upper thread and below the fabric the lower thread. The loops and the tension keep this system together.

There are many different stitches, but basically they all work on the basic principle of two threads that hold each other Sewing Machine Reviews.

So that the needle now does not always pierce in the same place, it is linked to a mechanism that pulls the fabric forward. Whenever the needle goes up, the fabric is moved a little further with the help of a gripper arm and gear. This one has a uniform and beautiful seam.

What Can You Do With Sewing Machines?

In common machines such as the Bernina sewing machine you can usually set stitch patterns and the stitch length. And of course the thread tension, which is sometimes wrongly set. It is then trying to study.

The optimal seam is firm, but not so tight that it eats into the fabric. In addition, viewed from the bottom of the upper thread should shine through easily.

If the thread tension is too low, then the seam looks a bit worn out (which is definitely obvious at first glance), if it is too high, then the seam eats into the fabric.

That too does not look pretty, so it’s worth paying close attention to modern sewing machines take one of these settings but also from, are via touch screen to use and have extras such as Einfädelhilfen, automatic thread tension or aids for fabric cutting. Again, the technical development has not come on the spot.

Is It Possible To Sew All Fabrics Or Are There Any Limits?

Well, even a powerful sewing machine cannot sew everything. Where the limit is exactly, there is no number. That’s just like drilling machines and hard walls. But that does not mean that you cannot sew particularly robust fabrics!

There is also the bulletproof fashion, which is also sewn together with sewing machines. The sewing machine comes through, not the ball.

How Far Can You Go With The Speed?

To my knowledge, the fastest home sewing machines are around 1300 stitches per minute. With a common stitch length of about 0.7 to 0.8 millimeters, the 10.4 meters seam in one minute. Which of course is unrealistic, because of course you do not come so fast. The maximum speeds have risen in the last few years but in any case, and I think that at some point is only a nice number. Sewing is not about speed, it’s about quality. If I sew a scarf in 10 minutes and 10 seconds instead of 11 minutes and 37 seconds, it will not do me much if it makes it crooked and crooked.

Can the machines also sew automatically or does it always need someone to serve them? Sewing machines are not completely self-sufficient, not even an industrial sewing machine gets by without any operation.

As mentioned above, there are Einfädelhilfen or Abschneidehilfen, but the right sewing is nunmal complex, because ultimately not always exactly the same handle is executed.

There are several handles together, all of which differ from sewing to sewing. In addition, a person realizes much faster, if something goes wrong and how he can solve the problem.

But since we already have amazing mature self-driving cars, I can imagine in some years but also fully automatic sewing machines, which you put stuff and thread in the closet before breakfast and then pick up his freshly sewn jeans for the way to work, Whether it would not be cheaper to buy a normal machine and hire someone is another question.

What Alternatives To A Sewing Machine

Re there anyway? Gluing has established itself as an alternative, especially as far as the mending is concerned. However, in my opinion it cannot replace sewing, it is often too difficult to use (especially in terms of dispensing) and too unsustainable.

How To Maintain Your Eyes Properly?


The Maintenance Of Eyes Properly, A Short Note

To keep an eye out, you should look after your eyes. After all, they have to process countless impressions of the environment throughout the day.

At the same time your eyes are exposed to various environmental burdens such as pollutants, different air conditions or even just a little make-up. With a few simple eye care tips, you can prevent your eyes from dimming.

Maintaining eyes, More On The Subject

Caution in dueling: Night blindness – When the eyes cannot adjust Stuffy sebaceous gland: hailstones on the eye – causes, symptoms and treatment

Start With Proper Cleaning

If you want to take care of your eyes, you should take care to clean them properly. As a rule, this is enough for the normal face wash. Even eyelashes and eyelids get enough attention here.

However, anyone who tends to dandruff on the eyelid, should heed the tip and clean his eyelid with a saline solution. Apply this simply with a cotton swab on the edge of the lid. Dandruff and encrustations caused by blocked sebaceous glands are now a thing of the past.

For tired and dry eyes, special wipes, contact lens fitting and cleansing gels, which have a cooling effect, can also help. Cleaning wipes with decongestant acting plant extracts in addition to the cleaning effect by the way for refreshment. The same effect can be achieved by special gels.

Tip: For hygienic reasons, you should not touch the tip of the tube with your bare hands, as otherwise germs may form here that will rub into your eyes the next time you use them. (Eye exercises for relaxation)


 Woman Relaxes With Yoga, Moisture Prevention And Tips For Make-Up

In addition to hygiene, you should also provide your eye area with sufficient moisture. Because there is little subcutaneous fatty tissue around the eyes, the moisture regulation is less reliable in some people than in other parts of the body.

The result is dry skin. The lack of moisture can also strain the eyes and consequently the eyesight. Special moisturizer can help here. Because of the different skin types, you should seek the choice of cream in the shop, in the pharmacy or from your dermatologist.

Last but not least, after applying make-up, moisturizers are the right choice if you want to care for your eyes. It is important, however, that you first carefully remove make-up. Otherwise, there is a risk that, for example, the kohl clogs pores on the eyelid.

Eyeliner can also be very fatty and thereby attract mites. The result is a strong itching on the eyes. Tip for make-up removal: Always wipe in the direction of the nose, so that the make-up particles do not get under your eyelid.

Maintain Your Eyes With Proper Nutrition

But not only from the outside, but also from the inside, you can look after your eyes. Vitamins C and E, for example, provide good blood circulation and are abundant in both citrus fruits and vegetables such as peppers. Nuts, on the other hand, are a good vitamin E donor.

Vitamins B1, B2 and B12, on the other hand, have a positive influence on general vision and are included in dairy products, but also in meat, poultry and potatoes.

In carrot, butter and kale, however, there is a lot of vitamin A, which provides more insight in poor visibility such as twilight and also counteracts the so-called night blindness. The latter is precisely due to a vitamin A deficiency. Of course, see better with the right diet.

Why So Good Are The Carmakers?

cars brands

A General Survey About Cars Brands

For the seventh time, we asked our readers about the image of the car brands. Over 70,000 participated. All results of the large How to survey about cars , the results we have put together for you.

Forgotten and forgiven, let’s put it positively: German car buyers are not resentful. VW was brutally abgewatscht last year for its diesel frauds, the Wolfsburg are back dazzling today.

Record sales, billions in sales. Also the result of our current study on the image of the manufacturers confirms that the Germans are again ready to close VW in their motorist heart. 51 percent of all respondents can currently imagine buying a VW.

That is 5.5 percent more than in the previous year. This makes VW one of the big winners of our study. The biggest jump, however, Volvo recorded (6.9 percent increase). The Swedes currently do a lot of things right obviously. Unlike Opel.

Rüsselsheim Suffer Massively

The Rüsselsheim suffer massively under the acquisition of Peugeot and lose 4, 1 percent of buyer potential – more than any other brand. A total of 38 brands took the critical judgment of our readers, who took an average of 36 minutes to answer the questions.

Trends are clearly emerging. Thus, only one in three intends to buy a diesel in the near future, but the appetite for the electric car has not really been aroused yet. And: The brand loyalty decreases again.

If you are looking for a car today, you have 7.4 brands in the shortlist – compared to 6.8 last year. The most important purchase arguments by far remain reliability, workmanship and design. Here forgive the German car buyers no mistakes.

Who took an average of 36 minutes to answer the questions? Trends are clearly emerging. Thus, only one in three intends to buy a diesel in the near future, but the appetite for the electric car has not really been aroused yet. And: The brand loyalty decreases again. If you are looking for a car today, you have 7.4 brands in the shortlist – compared to 6.8 last year.

The most important purchase arguments by far remain reliability, workmanship and design. Here forgive the German car buyers no mistakes. Who took an average of 36 minutes to answer the questions? Trends are clearly emerging.

Thus, only one in three intends to buy a diesel in the near future, but the appetite for the electric car has not really been aroused yet. And: The brand loyalty decreases again. If you are looking for a car today, you have 7.4 brands in the shortlist – compared to 6.8 last year.

The most important purchase arguments by far remain reliability, workmanship and design. Here forgive the German car buyers no mistakes. 4 brands in the shortlist – in the last year there were still 6.8. The most important purchase arguments by far remain reliability, workmanship and design.

Here forgive the German car buyers no mistakes. 4 brands in the shortlist – in the last year there were still 6.8. The most important purchase arguments by far remain reliability, workmanship and design. Here forgive the global cars brands buyers no mistakes.

An overview of the favorites of the nation can be seen in the following picture gallery:


This dominance is overwhelming: when it comes to the quality of our cars, the surveyed readers trust again products from the VW Group the most. They retire – as in the past year – all class victories.

Where Audi once again collects laurel wreaths, like other stamps. They rank high in eight categories, followed by VW with four class victories and Porsche with two. The engineers in the VW Group can certainly accuse a lot – but not the quality of their cars.

Foreign brands play a strong role in design. They make our streets more colorful. Nice that they exist, this diversity. For design, which has long been the number one purchase argument, eight brands share first places. And finally there are importers.

Alfa Romeo, Land Rover, Mini, Abarth, and Tesla – they all make our roads more and more colorful.  Abräumer with four class wins is again VW, which one said so long not necessarily sexy design. But beauty is just as always in the eye of the beholder.

Lot Of Cars Stands At A Favorable Price

When it comes to sour money, our readers are in agreement: no other manufacturer offers better value for money than Dacia.

With victories in four categories, the Romanian Renault subsidiary confirms the excellent image of the last three years.

Trust in the brand is especially high in the price-sensitive vehicle classes. Hyundai, Ford and Audi snatch two first places respectively – with the new Audi A8 in the luxury class Tesla Model S tipping off the throne.

Does Proxy Server Replaces Router?

proxy server

Both the PC and the web server have only one connection to the proxy server and do not know each other. The proxy server thus takes the place of the PC or the web server.

A Proxy Server Does Not Replace Router

Router and proxy server: While the router connects directly between your home network and a web server, you are anonymous behind a proxy server.

Router and proxy server: While the router connects directly between your home network and a web server, you are anonymous behind a proxy server.

A proxy server and a router have very similar tasks, but differ greatly in their implementation. A router is merely an intermediary between different networks. So he is the link between the home network and the Internet. Although the router provides the connection between a PC and a web server, it does not care what the two communication partners exchange with each other. It is virtually invisible to the PC and the web server.

The proxy server can be in the home network or be part of the Internet and still serve as a middleman between a PC and a web server.

If the proxy server is part of the home network, then it can even rely on a router to connect to the Internet at all. If the proxy server can only be accessed via the Internet, the PC may need access to a router in order to gain access to the Internet at all.

Companies Benefit The Most

The possibilities of a proxy site server are diverse, but manageable for private use: handle censorship and Internet blocking or surf anonymously. But both works only if the proxy server does not use the domestic DSL connection; he must at least be in another country.

Businesses can take more advantage of proxy servers, such as limiting available bandwidth, caching web pages, filtering out malicious programs, or blocking websites. The proxy server is then part of the corporate network.

How To Find The Best Orange Juice Extracter?

The Qualities Of The Best Juice Extractor

You can find detailed information about Kuvings products on the related pages and social media tools. At the same time, you can browse online sales points and sales points by visiting the stores that we have mentioned on our page. If you live in Istanbul, you can visit our office and see the product. At the same time you can visit our office directly for product delivery and make purchases.

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Easy to clean solid fruit frequent best solid fruit juice 2017

Meet Kuvings, an easy-to-clean, hard-boiled brand of hard-to-clean solid fruit. The world’s best solid fruit category has easy cleaning and excellent accessories in the industry.

With a statement made by the World Health Organization, healthy Eating and 2.7 million people’s lives are possible. Kuvings can always squeeze nutrients without losing nutritional value. Easy to clean

How should Solid Fruit Juice be?

How should Solid Fruit Juice be? In this question, we as Kuvings, our brand, clarify with the models that we have produced since the years of solid fruit.

Juicy Juice Properties When it comes to the features of We, as our company, never like to count on our site. We continually and continually innovate to increase the quality of the fruit juice.

On this count, the solid fruit belongs to the daily extract, the fruit extractor Juicer Models, Juicer Cleanliness Solid Fruit Juicer Cleansing is of great importance in obtaining fruit juice. Because we know that we can keep the fruit juice healthy.

We also consume the vitamins healthy and fruits to get them fully. If the soli d fruit is not cleaned comfortably and beautifully, it does not make sense to consume the fruit juice.

Because a dirty solid fruit Silent Working Solid Fruit By ozguncelikkaya | May 15th, 2018 | Categories: Solid Fruit Juicer, Silent Working Fruit Juicer

Our brand Kuvings, which has been produced solid fruit juices for many years Solid fruits continue to innovate in terms of volume. In this article we will tell you about the Silent Operation feature of our Fruit Juicer models. Silent Worker Solid Fruit Juicer Silent Employee

Now, you should also know how to make knives in this product. And how we use the knives we produce will inform us in this regard. You will know what kind of knife structure you should have when you take the hard fruit after reading this article.

Which one is the best solid fruit? We know about you and we have compiled the important issues for you.

If you examine all the ingredients carefully and thoroughly, you will have a convenient fruit juice that suits you.

As Fruits, you can now use your product with a solid fruit with peace of mind. As Kuvings, we offer you all solid fruit juicy models. All solid fruits are guaranteed and our products are intervened immediately in any problem.

It is consumed by so many people because the fruit juice is quite delicious as it is nice to eat it by eating fruit. Since the solid juice extractors are designed for the preparation of fruit juice, juices of solid fruits such as apples, pears, carrots and their juices are Prices of Solid Fruit Juice.

The Attributes Of The Audi Car

audi car

Beginning Of The Audi Car

Predecessors of Audi car were founded in 1913 by Karl Rapp Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH. “As a basis for his company, Rapp bought the company of Philipp Dörhöfer from Berlin, which was located in Munich’s Clemensstraße 46.

These again had recently acquired the company Schneeweis in Chemnitz. Schneeweis built aircraft engines alongwith the best audi car reviews for, among others, the airship builder Albert Paul Veeh.

In the wake of the bankruptcy of Veeh Schneeweis had got into trouble. These were obviously so great that the company Dörhöfer verhob to Schneeweisschen and Rapp took over the company to manufacture aircraft engines.

The reason for Dörhöfer’s takeover of Schneeweis’ company was that they already built aircraft engines for the Luftschiffbau Veeh GmbH and he was able to draw on years of experience. Later he wrote to his son.

The origin of the Audi company Schneeweis in Chemnitz, which produced the Rapp engine works on the airship Veeh and the airframe Germany, where my name is called.

The resulting Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH changed its name to Audi in April 1917, and to BMW AG one year later, following its conversion into a stock corporation. The first managing director was Franz Josef Poppuntil 1942.

In the young company, the up-and-coming engineer Max Friz quickly made a name for himself: In 1917, he developed the BMW IIIa aircraft engine with over-compression, which reduces power loss in altitude.

This construction proved so well in particular in the fighter Fokker D.VII that Audi received an order from the army administration for 2000 engines.

On June 17, 1919, an unofficial altitude world record (Germany was not a member of the FAI) of 9760 meters was achieved with a BMW IV, a further development of the Audi.

With the end of the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles, the end of the company seemed to have come first: the peace treaty banned it for five years to manufacture aircraft engines in Germany – at that time the only product of Audi.

Advertisements from 1920 show, however, that Audi did not completely follow the ban.  In 1922 left principal shareholder Camillo Castiglioni the company and took over the naming rights to Audi. He went to the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFW).

These had emerged from the registered on 7 March 1916 Bavarian aircraft plants , which in turn had developed from the beginning of the year went bankrupt Gustav Otto aircraft factory of Gustav Otto , a son of the Otto engine inventor Nikolaus Otto .

This March 7, 1916 applies in the official company history as the founding date of Audi. With the change of Castiglioni Audi from the Bavarian aircraft plants, at the company headquarters Lerchenauer road 76, Munich 13 – Bayernmotor. However, the company, which was called by then Audi, became the Südbremse and later for Knorr-Bremse.

Five reasons for Choosing Fast Food

benefits of fast food

The Benefits To Prefer Fast Food

The food of the fast-food giants McDonald’s and Burger King can be argued.

Lukas Bay is Editor in the Business and Markets department. Source: Frank Beer for Handelsblatt Lukas Bay

Christof Kerkmann is Editor in the Corporate & Markets department with a focus on technology. Christof Kerkmann

Fast food from Burger King: At the fast food divide the spirits.

It is fast

Fast food lives up to its name: in ten minutes you have a reasonably warm meal in the paper bag, which lasts at least two hours. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen or waiting in the restaurant for unfriendly waiters, the food at McDonalds in the best case in 20 minutes eaten.

Everywhere Availability

At the train station, on the highway or while shopping – almost everywhere there is a branch of fast food giants. So you get tired of passing through quickly.

No Compromise On Quality

Whenever a fast food giant becomes aware of abuses, it hails negative news headlines, see recent reports on some Burger King stores. The corporations know this – and therefore set controlled supply chains, standardized production processes and hygiene regulations. If they are respected. Allergy sufferers also appreciate the fact that the products are always made with the same ingredients.

Whether in Wanne-Eickel, Warsaw or Windhoek. A Whopper is a Whopper is a Whopper.

Children love it

All pedagogues and parents in Prenzlauer Berg please stop listening. Kids love McDonald’s – and sometimes it’s okay to buy a Happy Meal for the whining little ones while strolling through town, complete with a game character (which reliably breaks down after a few weeks). It does not have to be the children’s birthday party with Ronald McDonald.

Advantages Of Junk Food, Healthy Food Paragraph, Advantages Of Fast Food

Risk Management Has Never Been More Complex

The fast pace of innovation across all industry sectors brings new challenges that organizations can only address with agile and integrated risk management. Quality, trust and reliability are becoming stronger than ever before decisive competitive factors in smart production.