How To Maintain Your Eyes Properly?


The Maintenance Of Eyes Properly, A Short Note

To keep an eye out, you should look after your eyes. After all, they have to process countless impressions of the environment throughout the day.

At the same time your eyes are exposed to various environmental burdens such as pollutants, different air conditions or even just a little make-up. With a few simple eye care tips, you can prevent your eyes from dimming.

Maintaining eyes, More On The Subject

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Start With Proper Cleaning

If you want to take care of your eyes, you should take care to clean them properly. As a rule, this is enough for the normal face wash. Even eyelashes and eyelids get enough attention here.

However, anyone who tends to dandruff on the eyelid, should heed the tip and clean his eyelid with a saline solution. Apply this simply with a cotton swab on the edge of the lid. Dandruff and encrustations caused by blocked sebaceous glands are now a thing of the past.

For tired and dry eyes, special wipes, contact lens fitting and cleansing gels, which have a cooling effect, can also help. Cleaning wipes with decongestant acting plant extracts in addition to the cleaning effect by the way for refreshment. The same effect can be achieved by special gels.

Tip: For hygienic reasons, you should not touch the tip of the tube with your bare hands, as otherwise germs may form here that will rub into your eyes the next time you use them. (Eye exercises for relaxation)


 Woman Relaxes With Yoga, Moisture Prevention And Tips For Make-Up

In addition to hygiene, you should also provide your eye area with sufficient moisture. Because there is little subcutaneous fatty tissue around the eyes, the moisture regulation is less reliable in some people than in other parts of the body.

The result is dry skin. The lack of moisture can also strain the eyes and consequently the eyesight. Special moisturizer can help here. Because of the different skin types, you should seek the choice of cream in the shop, in the pharmacy or from your dermatologist.

Last but not least, after applying make-up, moisturizers are the right choice if you want to care for your eyes. It is important, however, that you first carefully remove make-up. Otherwise, there is a risk that, for example, the kohl clogs pores on the eyelid.

Eyeliner can also be very fatty and thereby attract mites. The result is a strong itching on the eyes. Tip for make-up removal: Always wipe in the direction of the nose, so that the make-up particles do not get under your eyelid.

Maintain Your Eyes With Proper Nutrition

But not only from the outside, but also from the inside, you can look after your eyes. Vitamins C and E, for example, provide good blood circulation and are abundant in both citrus fruits and vegetables such as peppers. Nuts, on the other hand, are a good vitamin E donor.

Vitamins B1, B2 and B12, on the other hand, have a positive influence on general vision and are included in dairy products, but also in meat, poultry and potatoes.

In carrot, butter and kale, however, there is a lot of vitamin A, which provides more insight in poor visibility such as twilight and also counteracts the so-called night blindness. The latter is precisely due to a vitamin A deficiency. Of course, see better with the right diet.