Earn to Die 3

Earn to Die 3: 2012

Part 2 – 3 series win win win is to die for dying the last installment. Earntodie 3 Game winner takes out die: 2012 and passed the desert where the main character survived and now he goes to safety through the city to reach a military base reveals 2012.

The scenes show the previous stage to win Die. I had to go there with 3 levels using one tool to finish each level. This means fire truck, red truck and military transport.
If you can see what tools like reading, you win the game Die for the most powerful tools and you will see that the most powerful. Before starting the game by car, where the previous game easily just the last vehicle, a fire truck will be as strong as the school bus is obtained.

And a win is always the most powerful tools for the last Die game. For this game, how powerful this tool kit. 3. An update everything in this game Zombies sometimes almost gigantic, it seems that much more to win big to die because he needs all the raw power levels to pass.

Boxes and obstacles are many, and even on rocky ground is usually faster than the previous games, and much more pronounced. In fact, improvements in car prices have increased. But the price of energy. 3 Use the power of the tool to your advantage to finish to win levels to die.

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