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Two thousand trillion times diluted blood can smell?! Why the dog’s nose so sensitive?!

Recently a CCTV program “challenge impossible” there was a dog contestant, blood search dog “grassroots” CCTV staged a “Guards” challenge.

This combing “double-horsetail” Springer Spaniel fulfilled the challenge of “special setting” by international criminal investigation expert Dr. Li Changyu, finding out from the 2,000 trillion-fold dilution of the sample the “drop Blood “sample!

As we all know, the nose is the most German Longhaired Pointer dog perceived organ, we humans rely on the environment to observe the environment and access to information is the eyes, and the dog by the nose.

Their sensitive sense of smell is mainly manifested in the degree of sensitivity to the smell and odor recognition. We often describe a dog’s nose as a “dog’s nose” when it’s sensitive, showing how good the dog’s sense of smell is.

Even untrained ordinary dogs, but also more sensitive than the human nose more hidden in the end what is the secret behind it?

Dog nose dual channel system

When we inhale, our sense of smell and breath pass through the same airway. The dog’s nose has a dual-channel system inside. The fold in the nostril separates the two functions.

The air separates into different paths. One (red) path of air flows into the sniffing zone for odor analysis. The other path (blue Color) through the pharynx (black part) to the lungs to complete oxygen exchange and maintain blood oxygen levels.

Up to 300 million olfactory receptors

Dogs have far more olfactory receptors than humans, and humans have an average of about 5 million olfactory receptors, while dogs can have up to 300 million.

  1. Species Number of olfactory receptors
  2. Human 500 million
  3. 125 million dachshund
  4. Fox 147 million
  5. Beagle 225 million
  6. German shepherd 225 million
  7. Hunting blood dog 300 million

Moreover, the part of the dog’s brain that specializes in the analysis of odors, on a pro-rated basis, is 40 times more powerful than ours.

The second set of olfactory system

In addition to the above two points, the dog has a second set of olfactory system that we humans do not have. This secondary olfactory system consists of an organ called “Jacobson” in English, which can be translated into a “vomitus”.

The Vomer nasal is located at the bottom of the dog’s nasal passages and is designed to detect hormones (sex hormones). Dogs can separate the taste of the opposite sex hormones from the complex odors without being disturbed by other odors.

Because the vomer nasal device has its own neurotransmitter, the system-specific signal that conducts hormones goes to specific parts of the brain. It’s like having your own dedicated computer server. This is also the result of natural evolution, contribute to the dog’s reproductive and DNA extension.

Large ears auxiliary

Some dogs, especially hounds, have a flickering pair of big ears, which are also good helpers for dogs’ sense of smell.

As the dog moves along the ground, the flying ears help to incite the smell into its nose, so the large ears the smell of a dog is better than a dog with a small ear.

Below to give you a list of recognized good sense of smell dog breeds

  • Pointer hunting dog
  • German hairy pointer hunting dog
  • Proud hound
  • Springer Spaniel (Grassroots is Springer oh)
  • Mariano dog
  • Labrador retriever
  • German shepherd (black back)
  • Beagles
  • Basset Hound

The first kind of Web proxy principle is particularly simple

Ordinary agent

The HTTP client sends a request message to the proxy. The proxy server needs to properly handle the requests and connections (for example, correctly handle Connection: keep-alive), send a request to the server, and forward the received response to the client.

The following picture from the “HTTP authority guide”, visually shows the above behavior:

If I access the A website through a proxy, for A, it treats the proxy as a client, completely undetectable of the real client, which achieves the purpose of hiding the client IP.

Of course, the agent can also modify the HTTP request headers, by X-Forwarded-IPtelling a true client server IP such as custom head.

However, the server can not verify that this custom header was actually added by the proxy or the client modified the request header, so extra care should be taken when obtaining the IP from the HTTP header field.

This part can refer to my previous ” HTTP request header X-Forwarded-For ” article.

Explicitly designated browsers to the browser, you need to manually modify the browser or operating system settings, or specify the PAC (Proxy Auto-Configuration, automatic configuration file) automatically set, and some browsers support WPAD (Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol, Web Proxy auto-discovery protocol).

Explicitly specify the browser proxysite This method is generally called forward proxy, the browser enables the forward proxy, the HTTP request message will make some changes to avoid some of the problems of the old proxy server, this part can refer to My previous ” Http request header Proxy-Connection ” this article.

Another situation is that when visiting a website, the actual visit is the proxy. After the proxy receives the request message, it sends a request to the server that actually provides service, and forwards the response to the browser.

This situation is generally referred to as reverse proxy, which can be used to hide server IP and port.

After the general use of reverse proxy, you need to resolve the DNS domain name resolution to the proxy server IP, then the browser cannot detect the existence of the real server, of course, do not need to modify the configuration.

Reverse Proxy is the most common way to deploy a Web system, such as this blog is to use Nginx’s.

HTTP Proxy

HTTP proxy principle and implementation

Web Proxy is an entity that exists in the middle of the network and offers a wide range of functions. In modern network system, Web proxy is everywhere. In my previous blog post about HTTP, I mentioned several times the effect of proxies on HTTP requests and responses. This article today, I intend to talk about some of the principles of the HTTP proxy itself, and how to quickly implement the proxysite with Node.js.

HTTP proxy exists in two forms, which are briefly described as follows:

The first is a generic proxy as described in RFC 7230 – HTTP / 1.1: Message Syntax and Routing, the first part of the revised RFC 2616, HTTP / 1.1 protocol. This agent acts as a “middleman,” which is the server for the clients that connect to it; it is the client for the server to connect to. It is responsible for sending HTTP packets back and forth between the two ends.

The second is Tunneling TCP based protocols through Web proxy servers, which describe the tunneling agents described in the tunneling of TCP-based protocols through the Web proxy. It communicates through the body of the HTTP protocol and implements any TCP-based application layer protocol proxy in HTTP.

This proxy uses the CONNECT method of HTTP to establish a connection, but CONNECT was not initially part of RFC 2616 – HTTP / 1.1. The description of CONNECT and the tunnel proxy was not added until the release of HTTP / 1.1 in 2014. See RFC 7231 – HTTP / 1.1: Semantics and Content. In fact, this agent has long been widely implemented.

The first type of proxy described in this article corresponds to Chapter 6 “Proxy” in the “HTTP Authoritative Guide,” and the second type corresponds to Section 8.5, “Integration Points: Gateways, Tunnels and Trunks,” in Chapter 8, “Tunneling.

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International club on a tall, it has only four members, heads of research have attracted the attention of many top scientists and engineers, this club is GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), four members are the US GPS, the European Galileo GALILEO, Russia GLONASS GLONASS, China Compass COMPASS. Cricket Highlights

China Beidou is a new member, but also the development momentum of the most fierce members, Beidou is Editor’s Note? What is the impact on our lives? This is a very interesting topic. On the Big Dipper, there are many articles in academic journals, but too many proxy site professional articles of terminology, ordinary people do not read, but will not be interested to read.

Media and the network also have some introductory articles, most of the achievements of the Government to highlight the propaganda draft, the content is fragmented, not easy to comprehensively understand the reader, and many articles of argument is not accurate, apparently written by non-professionals. Science and technology reports are not written by the scientific and technological people, but the literary journalist caught pen, this phenomenon is the chronic disease reported by domestic science and technology.

Because of professional reasons, I have been concerned about the Big Dipper best portable air compressor, but many years of communication professional basic course teaching practice, I will be complex professional issues described in popular language features. I took advantage of two months of free time, access to a large number of a public offering of information, combing out this comprehensive introduction to the Beidou satellite science long text.

1, starting from the GPS for youtube proxy

October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the world’s first man-made earth satellite, creating a human space century. The United States is paying close attention to it, there is a man named Bill Gay mathematician and a physicist named George Winkenbach, who in Hopkins gold Applied Physics Laboratory found a phenomenon, that is, The frequency of the satellite shift, the study found that the relative motion caused by Doppler frequency shift effect.

The two scientists conducted an experimental study and found that if the ground set up multiple receivers, according to the different frequency of the received signal to infer the specific location of the satellite, they are pleased to tell the results of this study The laboratory director Frank. McClure said they had achieved a Doppler tracking of Soviet satellites.


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