Web Hosting as a Virtual Server

Web hosting as a virtual server, the most important thing is the stability of the system. Stability around the virtual host online rate is directly related to whether the site can be accessed. The performance of the virtual host depends on the server configuration and the operating system used, the software itself, but also to a certain extent, and the engine room in which the external environment. Bandwidth is a guarantee of speed, the speed of the server, depending on the bandwidth. The bandwidth refers to the virtual host connected to each server bandwidth, many service providers often propaganda propaganda only connected into the machine room bandwidth, but did not explain each server available bandwidth. As a consumer should be extra careful. As an external factor affecting the stability of the server, the engine room temperature, humidity, human control is also particularly important, which is related to service provider room management and maintenance costs. Large service providers in his room temperature, humidity, human control is extremely strict, which reduces the server instability. So the general so-called brand host price is relatively high, this part of the price is the host business to maintain the engine room, so it is reasonable

Balance the load

Virtual hosting technology makes it possible to create multiple sites on a single physical server. Virtual hosting does reduce the cost of getting an enterprise online, but there is a limit to everything. As a rule of thumb, when the number of sites on a virtual host is more than a certain number (200), the performance of the server will be significantly reduced. If some of these sites also provide database query services, the server performance will drop more dramatically. Some of the world’s leading large-scale $1 web hosting providers even force the number of users per server to be limited to 100. Some service providers in order to attract more customers, actually dare to a few dozen of virtual host marked as hundreds of people at the same time online, what is more can say that no restrictions on any resource. Such a promise we can imagine, a physical server can support at the same time the number of online at the same time 2000-3000 simultaneous concurrency, an ordinary server costs 10,000 yuan / year or so, think about it, service providers in order to Earn back the cost of how many such sites to run on the server, this server can use it?

Technical Support

Businesses or individuals use web hosting to build their site on someone else’s server. Sometimes it’s like keeping a child in someone else’s home. As a virtual hosting provider should fully understand the user’s feelings, while providing timely emergency response and related technical solutions and services, but also should be a solid technical foundation and extraordinary responsibility to do a good web hosting site construction and maintenance, and The related value-added services. In fact the provision of virtual hosting services is a very high technology threshold, according to insiders, virtual hosting service providers in addition to control of various operating systems and related operating systems, optimization, and have these operating systems on the system Level and application-level R & D capabilities (such as various web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, load balancing, etc.), network management capabilities such as WANs and LANs (such as understanding the principles of routing and switching), and the management of computer hardware And configure database processing capabilities. If the virtual hosting service providers do not have the technical team to provide the above-mentioned technical support, the web hosting service providers not only provide poor service, and the stability of the service can not be guaranteed.

Usually a virtual host can set up hundreds to thousands of sites. If a virtual host has a large number of sites, he should have more CPU, memory, and server arrays, and if the virtual host is purchased from reseller, the web host reseller to achieve the highest profitability, A host set up as many websites, but the virtual host server did not prompt, resulting in the customer’s Web site in the virtual host speed blocked. So, the best way is to look for a reputable hosting provider, each of which has a web hosting limit. But this is generally not open. Of course, if the site has a high speed and control requirements, the ultimate solution is to buy your own independent server.