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The Fantastic Travelling By Croydon Cabs

Croydon has a long history, as early as the French Norman conquest of England, where it has been living, then there is a church, a workshop, and about 365 residents. To the late medieval period, where it was expanded into a town. And gradually became a charcoal and leather manufacturing center and wine center.

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In the past, Croydon was part of Surrey. In 1803, Surrey County opened a Surrey Iron Railway from the island of Kaeden, becoming the world’s first carriage railway, which gradually spreads and opened the area of ​​Croydon to make it Has become an important commute town between London and other regions.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, Croydon had developed into an important industrial center known for car manufacturing, metal industry and local airports. After entering the middle of the 20th century, retail and service industries gradually flourished, becoming one of the pride of finance and business. In 1965, Croydon was merged into Greater London, becoming a major transportation hub and development center. You can visit thoroughly through Croydon by Croydon Cabs.

Looking ahead, Croydon is carrying out a major revitalization plan, which aims to make the region a third city in London by 2020. The program is investing £ 3.5bn in key locations, such as the eastern, western, central, and Fairfield and Aldi Duddale, focusing on the construction of youth clubs, disabled universities, and four-star hotels three major projects.

Local life

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Eating and shopping – Croydon high street is the concentration of local shops and restaurants, and North End’s pedestrian area is particularly busy. There are two shopping centers in Whitgift Center and Centrale, where you can find brands such as Superdry, Fraser and Debenhams. Here is currently planning to open a large Westfield shopping center and develop the surrounding real estate. Located in the heart of downtown Clocktower, there are many specialty cafés and restaurants.

North Side shops on North End

Market – Croydon has its own market since the 13th century, and now Surrey Street market is open six days a week. Surrey Street is located in the old town of Croydon, and even has Mary Portas’s physiotherapy center.

Surrey Street Market

Outdoor – Lloyd Park Lloyd Park is a famous outdoor location with a café, children’s playground, bowling alley and outdoor gym. Another place, Wandle Park, has recently been converted into £ 4 million and has been reopened.

Entertainment – Croydon has a number of theaters, including the Spreadeagle Theater, Fairfield Halls, Warehouse Theater and so on. Pop music, classical music, dance, drama, comedy, film and other cultural activities are very rich.

Convenient traffic

Downtown – tram + bus + other

Croydon is the first pioneer in the use of trams in the UK. In the urban area, trams, buses, trains three systems constitute a complete public transport infrastructure network, which greatly facilitates the lives of residents. The tram passes through an important number of locations in the Croydon area, including the Croydon West Station, the lively marketplace, and the IKEA shopping malls.

Outside the city – train + highway

Croydon has a fast train, through the London Bridge and Victoria, starting from Croydon East Station for about 18 minutes and about 22 minutes from the South or West Station. In addition, there is a direct access to Canada Water Canada Water train, get off to the Canary Wharf. All sites are within 5 districts of London and the annual ticket fee from zone 5 to area 1 is £ 2,136.

There are M25, M23 and A23 highways, connecting to downtown London, Gatwick, Crowley and East Sussex.