unblock YouTube said the site shut down is an accident

unblock youtube offers a free VPN to Unblock YouTube and use the built-in PPTP VPN client to connect to YouTube. According to the official introduction of the maximum 1.6Mbit / s, it is clear that the speed is sufficient, HD 480P video is no problem, to provide users with a very smooth viewing speed of the film. PSL Final Highlights
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no need to install any additional VPN software, as long as the start PPTP VPN client can use a PPTP-based free VPN account:

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In order to ensure that we share, this free VPN  apk downloader connection will be interrupted every 2 hours. Each time you connect VPN, users will be redirected to a website youtube unblocked , to activate the VPN session. Heathrow Taxi

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Also, this VPN also supports mobile Internet access. Unblock Youtube

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You just in the windows control panel to build a VPN link, fill in the above link address, user name, password. Tell you a secret: the VPN can not only see youtube unblocked, but also over the wall yet. And the speed is very fast, really cool. Unblock Youtube